Rostelecom data center network website design

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Rostelecom data center network website design


Rostelecom Data Center is the largest datacenter network in Russia. The data center system includes 21 facilities in 5 cities. Together they provide the required services to build a reliable IT infrastructure.


To explain the services and benefits of all data centers — in one site.


Main page

We looked at what customers look for in a data centre. It turns out that customers want to make sure that the company's data centres are located all over the country, and that they have sufficient resilience and speed. So we put this information on the first screen. We also noted that all Rostelecom's data centres meet the Tier III standard.

Next, we placed a block of benefits, followed by a block of services information.

At the bottom we added a form for consultation requests.


Data center page

In each city, users are looking for information about a specific data center.

A separate promotional page was therefore developed for each site. The benefits and key features of the infrastructure were illustrated with photos to show that users' data would be reliably protected.

Data center page


We came up with a visual solution and designed a promotional website that presented all Rostelecom data centers.

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