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Emex DWC is a global wholesale auto parts marketplace with a fulfillment center in Dubai. Clients are B2B marketers in the Middle East, America and Europe.


The previous version of the portal was developed 10 years ago and has not been updated at all for more than 7 years. Most of the tasks in it are done manually: from registration to data uploading.

So sellers rarely updated their price lists. Orders were canceled and customers were frustrated.


We interviewed product managers, business owners, and developers, and gathered feedback from suppliers. Then we analyzed statistics, made customer journey maps, wrote user stories, collected them into user story maps, and designed all the screens and interfaces of the seller portal.

This background helped us to understand our clients' challenges, see bottlenecks, and create a design that solves the business problem.


We completely redesigned a personal portal where a seller can quickly register, easily place offers, process orders and get important notifications.


To help sellers receive their first orders, we request a price list immediately after registration and give them the option to upload the document in the usual way.

The registration form contains only the necessary fields, the rest of the data is requested in the process as needed. This solution helped to increase the conversion rate of the site.


Sellers upload offers with different currencies, assortments and prices. They immediately see errors in the price lists and can fix them. Here they see reminders to update the file.


With detailed analytics on sales and competitors, we suggest how to make the offer more profitable. This information allows the seller to adapt their offer competently to the competitive environment and, as a result, earn more with EMEX.



Sellers can now confirm an order, start the delivery and keep track of finances on 3 screens instead of 10.

For mass actions and integration with internal systems, we've added export and import via Excel.

Now all the user stories are on one screen.


Orders are formed into deliveries. We sort orders by delivery date, highlight errors and reflect the amount the sellers will receive. If a delivery is late, we highlight that too.

We merged the Deliveries and Finance sections to motivate sellers to form and deliver orders on time. Now, when they look at the financials, they see late deliveries at a glance.



EMEX offers sellers to store popular items in its warehouse. The company will pick, pack and deliver the orders to the customer on its own. It is important for customers, because they can get all the products at once in one order, in a day.

To explain these advantages for sellers, we introduced a promo page in the interface.


On one page, the supplier keeps track of stock, analyzes sales, plans deliveries of goods that are about to run out.



Sellers switched to the new version
Order cancellations reduced by
Suppliers are able to work in the new interface

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