It's kids' brand name, logo and identity

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It's kids' brand name, logo and identity


it's kid's is an English nursery school. It has special methods of working with children based on free play, healthy exercise, intellectual development and English language teaching.

The staff help the children to become independent individuals. This is why the nursery "belongs" to the children. They decide what kind of nursery it should be.

The bureau came up with a name, logo and identity for this special kindergarten.


The owners of the nursery decided to break away from a large franchise and position themselves as a comprehensive development garden — rather than a narrow English speciality.

A lot of print and digital media was needed to promote the nursery, as parents find out about the nursery at trade shows, city fairs, online advertising and by searching on maps. Then they come to the nursery, pick up business cards and brochures, look at the information stands, walls and cloakrooms, and the children receive flags and balloons as gifts.


We captured the idea of children's ownership in the name, logo and brand identity carriers. The basis is a child's pen, which selects letters, dies and brand elements.

For each method we invented an icon, each of which found its place in the parts of letters and punctuation marks of the logo, as well as on the plaques of the branded media.

Логотип 2

In addition to the branded elements, we prepared many illustrations that combine with the identity and link advertising materials and the design of the interior, lockers and information stands.

Branding Elements
Branding Elements 2
Branding Elements 3


They decide what kind of nursery it should be.
  • Naming
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  • Identity

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