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The Smartbe is an online service that helps to pick and buy auto parts. Experts in online chat select parts as requested by the customer, place an order at the nearest store and make sure that the customer receives their goods on time.


To work out all the scenarios and develop the service interface from scratch. We designed online chat, a personal account, onboarding, and landing pages for experts, as well as an internal supervision and tracking system.


We checked how experts work, did ux-interviews and consulted customers ourselves. Smartbe managers shared statistics on conversions and sales. Based on the test results, we improved the interface so that the expert would answer faster and select parts more accurately: these factors increased conversion and return rates.


We designed and developed a unique platform to help spare parts buyers. In the chat room, the buyer gets guidance, places and pays for the order. An expert communicates with the buyer, assembles the shopping cart, coordinates items and helps place the order using just one window of the interface.

Communication start

Buyers get to the chat from the service's homepage or through a banner on online store pages. We set up a value proposition: to find quality spare parts at the best price with the help of an expert, you need to go to the chat.

Widget on the site. Helps to quickly order auto parts.

Store in chat

Communication with the expert takes place in the usual interface of text messages. Moreover, we have integrated the purchase of auto parts into the chat. The buyer checks out the shopping cart with the expert, chooses the nearest store on the map, confirms and pays for the order without leaving the chat window. This solution leads to a quick purchase and increased conversion rate.

Smartbe chat
Smartbe chat

Expert's workplace

We designed a single window for all working tasks of an expert. The expert searches for products, builds a shopping cart, shares the results with the client and places an order without leaving a single window of the personal cabinet.

All expert tasks are based on standardized scenarios. Some of the messages and actions in the chat room are performed automatically without the expert's participation. This solution made it easy to hire and introduce new experts. After registration, experts easily get familiar with the user-friendly interface and start selling on the first day.

Expert's workplace


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