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Emex is a global wholesale auto parts marketplace with a fulfillment center in Dubai. Clients are B2С and B2B marketers in the Middle East, America and Europe. Emex also develops its own IT solutions and services.


Emex is constantly working to increase sales on the marketplace, help existing partners increase profits, attract new partners and expand into new countries.

There are more and more projects, but at the same time the "technology zoo" is growing: it is becoming more and more difficult to maintain, develop and connect projects, also visually.


We built a design system that increased the speed of updating existing products and developing new ones. We continue to develop it while working on Emex services.

Developed unified colors, typography and grid

Typography design system Emex
Typography design system Emex 2
Unified colors design system Emex
 Printed materials design system Emex
Grid design system Emex
Farbpalette design system Emex
 Example of a design system proposal Emex

Created a library of components in Storybook

Accurately put all icons, buttons, input fields, tabs and checkboxes in a convenient tool for developers. In the same place you put custom scripts: registration, phone confirmation, selecting periods in the calendar and dates.

We launched new products faster thanks to the new design system - and we're keeping it going.

 Emex design system icons set
Emex design system tabs
 List of Emex offices
Selecting the period of the Emex design system
 Set of Emex design system buttons

We launched

new products faster thanks to the new design system - and we're keeping it going.

The retail marketplace

Improved old user scenarios and designed new ones. Created a responsive version. Help you update functionality to increase conversions and other metrics.

The retail marketplace

Vendor's cabinet

We have designed a cabinet where the supplier can upload price lists, monitor orders and delete irrelevant products.

Vendor's cabinet

Warehouse services

They help to sort and drop off cargo, apply stickers to identify goods and customize equipment.

Algorithm for obtaining a sticker
 Scanning a parcel in the Emex design system
 Scanning a parcel in the Emex design system 2
 Scanning a parcel in the Emex design system 3
 Scanning a parcel in the Emex design system 4


Customers were helped to learn how to get started with the Emex Marketplace. And it helped the sales department to find new leads.



Design system saves time for designers and developers
We are actively developing and supplementing the design system from
  • UX / UI
  • Frontend
  • Backend

Digital product

for complex, high-loaded multi-input digital services

We research, design, write text, 
help launch features and services, 
analyze metrics and develop

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